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4th December 2017

"El Accidente" number-viewer choice with more than 3.2 million viewers and a 20.3% share
The Globomedia series is the most watched launch of the year on Telecinco

More than 3.2 million viewers tuned in last Tuesday, the 28th November (3.243.000) to watch the much-awaited premiere of “El Accidente”, figures which make it the most watched launch of the year on Telecinco. With a 20.3% share, the Globomedia fiction series was the clear number-one viewer choice in the “prime time” slot. The thriller starring Quim Gutiérrez, Inma Cuesta, Berta Vázquez, Alain Hernández, Eusebio Poncela and Joel Bosqued, among others, was the clear viewer pick with the share increasing over the course of the show and finishing above 25%. The aggregate audience, a total of 6,459,000 viewers watched at least one minute of the Telecinco fiction series.

“El Accidente” also took the most-watched minute of the day prize which came at 23:14 when close to four million people (3,927,000) saw how Manuel (Joel Bosqued), Lucía’s brother (Inma Cuesta), was entering the church and was told the news of the accident. Numbers which translated into a 22.4% share.

By region, highlights included Asturias (34.5%), Murcia (28.7%) and the Canary Islands (23.6%), as well as Castille La Mancha (23.4%), Madrid (23.4%), Andalusia (22.4%), Valencia (21.8%) and Aragon (21.3%). In addition, it was also the number one show for both male and female viewers as well as viewers under the age of 64.

4th December 2017

"Sergio & Sergei" to compete in the official section of the New International Latin American Film Festival in Havana
The film, directed by Ernesto Daranas and co-produced by MEDIAPRO, is set to premiere in Spain in 2018

The New International Latin American Film Festival in Havana has selected the film that tells the story of Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut left stranded in a Mir space station after the fall of the communist bloc, for screening in the official section. The event, created in December 1979, is set to celebrate its 39th edition in the Cuban capital from the 8th to the 17th December.

The festival has scheduled three screenings of the film, co-produced by MEDIAPRO, by the Cuban director Ernesto Daranas Serrano. The 10th December the Charles Chaplin theatre house plays host to two screenings at 10 in the morning and at 8 in the evening, for both the jury and the audience awards. On the 14th December a special screening has been organised at the Yara Cinema complex, Cuba’s biggest with 1,500 seats. This session will see the film’s co-producers (MEDIAPRO, RTV, ICAIC) attend as well as the project production team.

“Sergio & Sergei” takes another stop in its international road-show before its slated premiere in Spain in 2018. Its world-wide presentation took place at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where the film debuted in the Contemporary World Cinema official section. In addition, it premiered in Asia at the Busan International Film Festival (South Korea).

Co-written by Ernesto Daranas and Marta Daranas and starring Tomás Cao (Sergio) and Héctor Noas (Sergei), the film also features a special guest appearance from the American actor Ron Perlman (“Hellboy”, “The name of the rose”) who plays Peter, the American journalist who helps the protagonists. Ron Perlman is also one of the film’s executive producers. “Sergio & Sergei” is a MEDIAPRO, RTV Comercial and Cuban Film and Arts Institute (ICAIC) production. WestEnd Films is distributing the film internationally. BTEAM Pictures is responsible for the film’s distribution in Spain.


The film tells the story of Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut left stranded in a Mir space station after the fall of the Soviet bloc. Sergei manages to make contact with Sergio, an amateur radio enthusiast and Cuban philosophy teacher and an American journalist. Both try to get the big super-powers to put aside their ideological differences to find a solution to the cosmonaut’s situation.

4th December 2017

"Zapeando" celebrates 1000th programme with record audience figures
More than a million loyal viewers watched the special show, the best figures so far this season

After four years on air, last Friday the 24th November, “Zapeando” joined the select club of shows that have reached the 1000-programme mark. To celebrate the feat, the programme featured a special guest appearance from Matías Prats, a host of other famous faces, a look-back some of the show’s best moments, surprises and which was rounded off with some extraordinary audience figures. More than a million viewers (1,014,000) and close to a 9% share (8.7%) watched the celebration, quickly making it the most watched show of the season. Highlights by region included Aragon (15.6%), Madrid (14.7%), the Basque Country (14.2%), Castille and Leon (10.8%) and Valencia (9.4%).

Over the 1,000 shows, the Globomedia programme for laSexta has averaged a 6.8% share and 820,000 viewers. In October, “Zapeando” notched up its best average share, 6.9%, since February. The programme is the second most popular option in the important commercial target category (9.3%) and in the 25-44 category (9.4%). By region, highlights include Aragon (10.5%), Castille and Leon (10.4%), the Basque Country (7.7%), Madrid (9.6%).

4th December 2017

MEDIAPRO, present at the fifth edition of the Content London event
Javier Méndez, the head of content for the MEDIAPRO Group, announced a fiction project about the death of the Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna

Javier Méndez took part in the Spanish Drama Focus conference, as part of the fifth edition of the Content London event. The high-profile event, held in the UK capital from the 27th to the 29th November, features three main sections bringing together all the TV entertainment sectors: the International Drama Summit, the Unscripted Entertainment Forum and C21Kids Content Futures.

The International Drama Summit, in which the MEDIAPRO Group Head of Content took part, saw more than 1,200 industry big-hitters share new projects, analyse possible co-production opportunities, get the chance to listen to the world’s most important agents as well as enjoy an unbeatable line-up of screenings, conferences and awards.

MEDIAPRO presented the teaser of their latest fiction project which is currently under development about Ayrton Senna. Javier Méndez outline that the series revolves around the events concerning the death of the Formula 1 driver and after several months’ work, the group is now looking for partners in the international market.

Along with Javier Méndez, other Spanish TV bosses who also took part in the event included Ismael Calleja (Movistar), Federico Llano (Televisión Española), Miguel Salvat (HBO Spain), and Luis Santamaría (Boomerang TV). Irene Jiménez, the co-founder of Audiovisual451, chaired the Spanish Drama Focus round-table, in which, as published in her media outlet–: “España showed that it has got a lot to offer in the crowded fiction market-place”.

4th December 2017

Mediapro KSA key to the success of the Saudi Arabian Paralympics
The Paralympic athletes competed in 7 different sports over 3 days

Riyadh played host to the first ever Saudi Arabian Paralympic Games which took place from the 23rd to the 26th November. The event saw more than 300 Paralympic athletes from 15 clubs compete over 3 days of competition in 7 different sports.

As the exclusive marketing partner of the Saudi Paralympic Committee, Mediapro KSA played a leading role in securing three major sponsors: Toyota (Presenting Partner) Saudi Telecom (STC) and Aramco as well as supporting the delivery of the Games. The Games were universally hailed as a great success and Mediapro KSA is extremely proud to have played its part and is looking forward to the Games being a yearly high point in the domestic Paralympic calendar.

4th December 2017

"Hacking Justice" takes part in the Madrid Human Rights Film Festival
The documentary produced by MEDIAPRO is set to be screened at the Matadero Cinema complex on Sunday

“Hacking Justice” can be seen on the 3rd December at the Matadero Cinema complex in Madrid as part of the Justice section of the Madrid Human Rights Festival, where it will share billing with the short “Un lugar”. The screening, which gets underway at 8 in the evening, is free.

The documentary “Hacking Justice”, directed by Clara López Rubio and Juan Pancorbo, tells the story of Judge Baltasar Garzón’s legal fight to get Swedish authorities to withdraw the European arrest warrant against the founder of Wikileaks. Drawing on privileged insider access to the chief protagonists and the Ecuadorian Embassy, “Hacking Justice” follows the legal team, led by Baltasar Garzón from the moment he became part of Julian Assange’s defence team, the US administration’s number one enemy since Donald Trump became president thanks to his controversial leaking of classified documents.

“Hacking Justice” is a Spanish-German production from MEDIAPRO and Inselfilm (Berlin) with the participation of Canal Sur and WDR (Germany) and with the support of Canal Historia, RTBF (Belgium), and TSR (Switzerland).

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