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13rd October 2017

The cast of "Vis a vis" nominated for the Fénix Awards
For the first time ever, the Ibero-American film awards are set to recognise the work of TV series

With all eyes on the third season of the series on FOX Network Group (FNG), the successful Globomedia production (MEDIAPRO Group), “Vis a vis”, continues to triumph. The quality of the acting has recently been recognised at the 4th edition of the Fénix Ibero-American film awards. The awards, which this year are also nominating fiction series productions, has selected the entire cast of “Vis a vis” which up for the award in the “Ensamble actoral” category for the second season broadcast on Antena 3. "Vis a vis" has been nominated alongside four other productions from Chile, Argentina, Cuba and Columbia.

The candidates for the Fénix Awards were announced on the 9th October during a press conference held in Mexico City. Since its creation in 2014, every year, the awards organised by CINEMA23 – the association for the promotion and distribution of cinema made in Ibero-America, highlight the work of directors, producers, actors, actresses, script-writers, photographers, editors, art directors, sound technicians, musicians and costume designers, people whose work helps to advance the cause of cinema in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The Fénix awards also recognise people who work to promote and advance Ibero-American cinema, including the film critics and cinema festivals. For the first time ever, the Fénix Awards are set to recognise TV series and/or digital platforms in this its fourth edition. The awards ceremony, which is set to take place on the 6th December at the Ciudad Esperanza Iris Theatre in Mexico City, will be broadcast live across North and South America, expect Canada– via E! Entertainment Television, Studio Universal, Canal 52MX and Cinelatino.

Played a group of actresses at the peak of their careers, which include Maggie Civantos, Najwa Nimri, Berta Vázquez, Alba Flores, Cristina Plazas, Inma Cuevas, María Isabel Díaz Lago, Marta Aledo and Laura Baena, the success of “Vis a Vis” has gone beyond the TV screen. It has become a fan phenomenon in Spain and an international best-seller. A ground-breaking series which defined a new style of Spanish fiction making. “Vis a Vis” has a loyal following and a host of high-profile awards including the Ondas Award for the entire female cast a first in the history of the event-; the Silver Fotogramas Award for Best Series and the Actors’ Union Award for the actresses in the cast: Maggie Civantos (Best Lead Actress 2015), Alba Flores (Best Actress in a Supporting Role 2016) and Inma Cuevas (Best Actress in a Supporting Role 2015 and 2016). “Vis a Vis” also won awards at the FesTVal in Vitoria picking up the Best Discovery Award and the Best Directing award in 2015, an award which is presented every year by the Association of TV Fiction Directors (DIRIGE). In addition, Maggie Civantos won the Best Drama Actress Award at the MiM Series 2015 Awards. The series has also won awards internationally such as the Best Spanish Fiction Series at the 18th edition of the Luchon Festival(France).

This Globomedia thriller, which is available in more than 65 countries across five continents, can now be seen in the USA thanks to the deal between Imagina International Sales –the distributor of the series in foreign markets, signed with Amazon Prime Video. In addition, it premiered on the 1st October on the Hispanic channel Azteca América. The nomination for the Fénix Awards is another step towards supporting its expansion abroad after becoming the first Spanish fiction series to be broadcast free-to-air in the UK, where Channel 4 is currently showing the second season.

13rd October 2017

"Fe de etarras", a Netflix-original film produced by MEDIAPRO, to launch on the 12th October
The film can be seen in 190 countries simultaneously after its presentation at the 65th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival

“Fe de etarras” is set to launch on Thursday the 12th October in Spain and simultaneously in the 190 countries where Netflix, the leading online content provider in the world, operates. Produced by MEDIAPRO (“Mondays in the sun”, “Midnight in Paris”, “The Secret Life of Words”, “A perfect day”), the film was presented in the Velódromo section at the recent San Sebastian Film Festival. The 65th edition played host to the first ever screening of a feature-length production made for a digital distribution platform.

Directed by Borja Cobeaga ("Negociador", "No controles") and written by him and Diego San José ("Ocho apellidos vascos", "Ocho apellidos catalanes"), “Fe de etarras” starring Javier Cámara ("Narcos", "Truman", "Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados"), Julián López ("El tiempo de los monstruos", "Perdiendo el norte", "Pagafantas"), Miren Ibarguren ("Anclados", "Aída", "La que se avecina") and Gorka Otxoa ("Allí abajo", "Los miércoles no existen", "Pagafantas"), it also features a special guest appearance from Tina Sáinz ("Las chicas del cable", "Águila Roja", "Los muertos no se tocan, nene") and Ramón Barea ("La reina de España", "Negociador", "No controles").

“Fe de etarras” takes place in baking-hot summer of 2010 in a small Spanish provincial capital. An unlikely and dysfunctional commando made up of a veteran ETA fighter looking to prove he’s not past his best (Javier Cámara), a couple whose commitment to each other depends on the success of the mission (Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa) and a guy from the heart of Spain who thinks that joining the cell will make him feel like Chuck Norris (Julián López) are all holed up in a flat waiting for orders, which never seem to arrive, to jump into action. Meanwhile, the Spanish national team are striding towards their first ever World Cup win in South Africa with the whole town celebrating their passage.

About Netflix

With more than 100 million subscribers in more than 190 countries, Netflix is the number one online TV content platform with more than 125 million hours of series and films per day, including documentaries, films and original Netflix series. Netflix subscribers can see series and films when and wherever they like in almost any screen connected to the Internet. Subscribers enjoy the ability to stop, restart and watch productions without advertising or fixed-term contracts.


The MEDIAPRO Group is a leading content production provider. Recent productions include the series “Vis a Vis” and “Nit i Dia”. Film project highlights include working with Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Fernando León de Aranoa, Isabel Coixet, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Patricio Guzmán and Roman Polanski. MEDIAPRO productions have won 2 Oscars and 3 nominations, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Independent Spirit, 1 Vulcaine at the Cannes Festival, 1 Silver Bear at the Berlinale, 27 Goyas and 1 Gold Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

13rd October 2017

Barcelona Games World plays host to the best ever launch of the LVP professional competitions
The Professional Video-game League, part of the MEDIAPRO Group, saw more than 200,000 spectators over the three days of broadcasts

The Professional Video-game League, part of the MEDIAPRO Group, was one of the central figures at the recent second edition of Barcelona Games World. The video-game and e-sports fair in the Catalan capital, which saw 135,000 visitors, was the launch-pad for the Superliga Orange League of Legends and Clash Royale tournaments, the national competitions that are organised by the LVP, in addition to hosting the final phase of the Call of Duty Cup.

Over the three days of the fair, the LVP notched up an audience of over 200,000 spectators, in what was the best ever kick-off to its professional season in its history. The results confirm the rude health of the LVP competitions, part of the MEDIAPRO Group, as well as the amazing launch of the first ever Clash Royale national league.

An hour before the start of the first ever Superliga Orange Clash Royale competition, in the Orange Stadium at Barcelona Games World there were hardly any empty seats in the arena. The 1700 spectators crammed into the stadium rocked the arena for the start of the national Supercell competition, which kicked off with a spectacular duel between Team Queso, one of the strongest teams in Spain and Team Heretics, also one of the country’s leading out-fits.

Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oskam, considered the world’s number one player, won the first point in the history of the competition after a spectacular come-back. It proved to be key to the Team Queso victory. The second match played at the Barcelona Games World, Javier “zTeemper” Mars’ Giants Gaming who picked up the three points against a combative Movistar Riders.

The League of Legends season also started up on Saturday with wins for Giants Only the Brave and ASUS ROG Army, the two pre-competition favourites. La Armada just about squeezed past a surprisingly tough G2 Vodafone, with the giants destroying Movistar Riders, confirmation that they are the in-form team in Spain and the rival to beat in the second edition of the national League of Legends competition.

The 1700 seats at the Orange Stadium proved inadequate with many fans unable to get in for the launch of the competition organised by LVP. MAD Lions and The G-Lab Penguins were first up in the Superliga Orange drawing the season’s first game and the day came to an end with an easy win for KIYF over ThunderX3 Baskonia, in a replay of the final at the last edition of Superliga final played at the Gamergy event.

The huge success of the competitions was also seen online where the LVP was a trending topic on Saturday and Sunday with the launch of the League of Legends and Clash Royale leagues.

eMonkeyz Club, Cup champions and Call of Duty head-honchos for 2017

The professional competitions organised by the LVP, part of the MEDIAPRO Group, got underway last Friday during the Barcelona Games World with the final phase of the Call of Duty Cup. Only four teams, from the more than 130 that started the competition, had made it through to the live final four in the Catalan capital: Black Claw, eMonkeyz Club, KIYF and Movistar Riders.

eMonkeyz Club were crowned winners after easily beating Black Claw in the semis and defeating KIYF in an epic final, which also brought to an end the Activision Infinite Warfare era. A replay of the Gamergy final, the ninjas gave the monkeys a much closer run than in Madrid but weren’t able to get across the line first as eMonkeyz Club made it an historic Call of Duty double in 2017. In a stadium packed to the rafters, eMonkeyz were crowned Cup champions.

13rd October 2017

MEDIAPRO news programmes set new audience records
"El Objetivo", "Al rojo vivo", "Más vale tarde" and the two "laSextaNoticias" bulletins post best ever figures in the days after the Catalan Independence vote

In days of maximum news interest in Spain as a consequence of the Independence vote in Catalonia, MEDIAPRO news shows on laSexta have notched up their best ever audience figures. “Al rojo vivo” (18.6%),” laSexta Noticias” 14H (18.6% and 2,010,000) y “Más vale tarde” (23.5% and 2,558,000) posted new records on the 10th October, the day of the much-awaited speech of Carles Puigdemont in the Catalan parliament.

With these figures, which beat the numbers posted in the days after the referendum vote. In the 7 days after the vote, “Al rojo vivo”, the news programme presented by Antonio G. Ferreras, beat its own record on the Tuesday and the Wednesday, the 3rd and 4th October with a 17.5% share. On Thursday the 5th October, Ferreras’ interview with the Generalitat deputy prime-minister, Oriol Junqueras, live from Barcelona, was the most watched show both in Spain (16.2% and 1,302,000 viewers) and Catalonia, where it notched up a 19% share and 266,000 viewers between 13:45 and 14:15.

The “laSextaNoticias” 14H, the programme presented by Elena Resano was the most watched broadcast over the course of the 1st October setting a new record for all the news broadcasts on laSexta with more than 2.8 million viewers and a 24.6% share with Cristina Villanueva. The “Al rojo vivo: Objetivo Cataluña” news specials were the most watched shows in their broadcast slot: 2.5 million viewers,5 million viewers and a 28.1% share in the morning, 1.8 million viewers and a 13.9% share in the afternoon and more than 2.2 million and a 15.6% share in the prime-time slot in the evening. Cristina Saavedra was at the helm for the second edition of “laSextaNoticias” setting a new day’s best figures on Tuesday the 3rd October, with a 16.8% share.

“Más vale tarde” also notched up its best ever figures on Tuesday 3rd October with a 13.2% share. A record smashed a week later on the 10th October with a 23.5% share (2,558,000 viewers); a 10.3 share-jump.

13rd October 2017

The video-game "Flipy"s Tesla! Inventemos el Futuro" present at the Barcelona Games World
The video-game fair was the venue chosen by creators to showcase the progress made in the joint project between MEDIAPRO Group, 100 Balas and Sony Interactive Entertainment

Barcelona Games World was the venue chosen to showcase the development of the vide-game “Flipy’s Tesla! Inventemos el futuro” for PS®VR, the MEDIAPRO Group’s first steps into the world of Virtual Reality alongside 100 Balas and Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain.

The exciting game designed for PlayStation®VR, which arouses player curiosity as well as introducing scientific issues via a graphics-based adventure in immersive experience, was presented on the PlayStation Main Stage with talks from Jordi Soler, the head of the Digital Area and Special Projects at the MEDIAPRO Group; Flipy, the head of Content at 100 Balas; Darío Ávalos, CEO of Animatoon Studio, the team responsible for the development of the game and Roberto Yeste, the head of local Development at PlayStation®.

The video-game was available for fair visitors over the four days with a new demo that was showcased both in the VR area as well as the PlayStation Talents section.

The people who visited the stand quickly became Tesla students, the first-class Science Academy for up-and-coming scientists along with Bio and Ziggy, an unlikely mix of parrot, chicken and pelican, completed some of the experiments and jigsaws using their scientific knowledge to reveal the answers to some pressing questions.

13rd October 2017

"Universo Valdano" back with a special interview with Mauricio Pochettino
The programme kicks off the new season with a special guest the Argentine coach of Tottenham Hotspur, and rival of Real Madrid CF in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League

A new season of “Universo Valdano” is set to kick off on beIN LaLiga and viewers of the channel are in for a treat with the first programme of the new season, an interview with, Mauricio Pochettino. Jorge Valdano will talk to the Tottenham coach taking a look back at different stages of his career such as his time as a no-nonsense defender at RCD Espanyol as well as looking forward to his team’s clash with Real Madrid CF in the la UEFA Champions League.

On beIn LaLiga Pochettino also talks about some of the coaches he had in his career and the influence of Marcelo Bielsa at Newell’s Old Boys: “Passion is what best identifies and describes a Bielsa team. He’s a person in my life who inspired me to first become a footballer and then a coach. That’s key for me”.

In addition, the Argentine also analyses the importance of RCD Espanyol ibn his career: “Espanyol has played an important role in my life. In key moments in my life, I was lucky enough to meet so really nice people, who loved me and that was very important for my development”.

Pochettino also gives his opinion on the differences between his current team and the giants of the Premier League: “I’ve always said that the difference at the moment in England is that there are clubs like United and City who sign when they want who they want. We’re a big club but at the moment we sign when we can and what we can, that’s the big difference”.

And lastly he talks about the upcoming clash with Real Madrid CF in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League: “Obviously we’re going to try to use our strengths to play positively and win the game, on our terms, but always trying to win. For me Madrid in the last two seasons has been the best team in the world, they’ve proved that and I’ve got a soft spot for Zidane”

The new season of “Universo Valdano” will be broadcast on Fridays at 13 and 17 and on Sundays at 14. Viewers can interact with the programme on social networking sites with the #UniversoValdano hashtag.

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