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27th June 2017

Presentation of "LAS CLOACAS DE INTERIOR", an investigation into the dirty tricks at the heart of the Spanish Interior Ministry
Jordi Évole and Jaume Roures are to present the documentary for the first time this Wednesday in Barcelona

Nine months of investigation and detailed analysis boiled down into 80 minutes of documentary film-making which for the very first time shine a light on the dirty works and corruption at the heart of the Spanish Interior Ministry and which until now had remained hidden from public view. Thanks to the exclusive testimony of Marcelino Martín de Blas (former head of the Internal Affairs Unit), José Ortega (a member of the Civil Guard), Jaime Barrado (former commissioner and one of Spain’s most highly decorated policemen) and a high-ranking Interior Ministry civil servant; and the investigation by Carlos Enrique Bayo and Patricia López de Público, “LAS CLOACAS DE INTERIOR” provides a comprehensive analysis of the court-case summaries in which high-profile members of the upper echelons of the police force have been involved. Written by Jaume Grau and produced by Andrea Ferrando, with Jaume Roures directing, the documentary features high-impact testimonies shedding light on the network of illegal activities within the ministry.

The tape-recordings between the Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and Daniel de Alfonso (the then head of the Catalan Anti-fraud Office), published in June 2016 by the Público newspaper, represent the catalyst for revealing the network of interests and corrupt practices which implicate the police, judges, state lawyers and the business community. The documentary also charts the bad practice within the Interior Ministry since the transition to democracy. The Interligare, Elisa Pinto, the Veritas Report cases, as well as the espionage network within the PP party in Madrid, Operation Catalonia and the PISA report into the financing of Podemos.

Jordi Évole and Jaume Roures are to present “LAS CLOACAS DE INTERIOR” for the first time on Wednesday 28th June at the Aribau Cinema in Barcelona.

27th June 2017

TV3 to premiere the documentary "Cíborgs entre nosaltres", produced by MEDIAPRO
Tuesday, at 21.55, as part of "Sense ficció"

“Cíborgs entre nosaltres” presents the history of a host of diverse cyborgs, such as Neil Harbisson, a Catalan artist who was the first cyborg to be officially recognised by a government. The people featured in the documentary explain why they decided to take that extra step, the problems that their condition as cyborgs have over the course of a day and how they fight to overcome the prejudices of society.

The documentary also visits the high-level research labs and discovers that the science is closer and closer to being able to transform us into cyborgs with the barrier being ethical than anything else. In the second part of the programme the philosophical, ethical and legal implications of going beyond what is human and allowing us to become part machine are analysed.

A cyborg is an individual who has been implanted with electronic devices in his body which provide him capacities which go beyond normal human function. Currently, there are a lot of people who are carrying around electronic devices which restore some bodily function or another. A pace-maker for the heart is one example which regulates the rhythm of the organ. In a few years, we won’t just be able to repair function within our bodies but also use technology to go beyond existing natural human functionality and become cyborgs.

In just a few years, the technology will fuse with our bodies in ways which are currently unimaginable, redefining the limits of what it is to be human and will increase our biological capabilities as a species. Currently, body fusion with the technology is restricted and is only accepted for technical reason. But there are people that, driven by the desire to experiment, have crossed the biological boundaries: the first ever cyborgs and face society’s reaction to them which ranges from mistrust to enthusiastic approval. At the moment, there is just a tiny minority and many consider them to be crazy but in the near future, they come to be recognised as being pioneers.

“Cíborgs entre nosaltres” is a Media 3.14 and Yuzu Productions (Paris) production with Televisión Española and Televisió de Catalunya, in collaboration with Science et Vie TV (France), SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), DR (Denmark), with the support of the Europa Creativa/Media of the European Union and the Catalan Regional Government Department of Culture.

27th June 2017

MEDIAPRO takes part in Conecta Fiction with round-table discussion about "The Paradise"
Ran Tellem (MEDIAPRO) and Jarmo Lampela (YLE) were both on hand to provide details about the creative development of the project

“The Paradise”, the project that MEDIAPRO is co-developing with the Finnish public TV network YLE, was presented last Thursday, the 22nd June in the first edition of Conecta Fiction. Among the activities included in the event devoted to fiction co-production between Europe, Latin America and the USA is the “Case Study” section which sees a round-table talk about the “The Paradise” project. Laura Fernández Espeso and Ran Tellem, representing Mediapro, and Jarmo Lampela, Drama Director at YLE, talked about the series which is set to bring the “nordic noir” genre to the Mediterrean as well as being the first time that a Spanish production company has worked side-by-side with a Finnish channel. The Director of the International Content Area, Laura Fernández Espeso, introduced the activity in the MEDIAPRO Group as a part of the International co-production business strategy.

“The Paradise” is a thriller which takes place in the Finnish community líving in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, the largest group of Scandanavians outside their region of Europe. The peace and quiet of the community is interrupted by a series of crimes which can only resolved with the help of the Spanish and Finnish police-forces.

Santiago de Compostela was the place chosen to play host to more than 350 audiovisual professionals from 20 different countries. Representatives from more than 35 international channels got the chance to leverage 25 meetings with high-profile International industry movers and shakers in the Ciudad de la Cultura to talk about the opportunities and challenges in the international co-production context via panel discussions, round-table debates, workshops as well as a host of case studies, sessions about financing and tax-breaks, branded content and technology demo’s to attract bigger and better audiences.

27th June 2017

The MEDIAPRO Group invests in the Virtual Reality sector with 100 Balas and Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain
The development of the video-game "Flipy"s Tesla! Inventemos el futuro" for PS®VR is now underway

The MEDIAPRO Group is investing in the Virtual Reality sector with 100 Balas and Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain in a joint project titled “Flipy’s Tesla! Inventemos el futuro”. The alliance between the three companies, high-profile players in their respective sectors, as part of the support for Spanish video-game development project PlayStation® Talents Alianzas, has produced an exciting game for PlayStation®VR which stimulates the curiosity of the players to find out more about science via a graphics adventure game based on immersive experience. The video-game featured the help of the scientist Javier Santaolalla, a Particle Physics Ph.D., CERN researcher and science educator and is supported by CREATIONS, an educational science innovation project financed by the European Commission, whose objective is to invest in educational ideas which bring together science and art to help promote science learning. Animatoon Studio is responsible for the artistic creation and the development of the game which is set to be released this year exclusively for PlayStation®VR.

The 28th June will see the announcement of the teaser for “Flipy’s Tesla! Inventemos el futuro” as part of the PlayStation® Talents section at the Gamelab Barcelona event. The international video-game and interactive leisure event will see the first insider look at the project. In addition, industry professionals and visitors will be able to see what the game is all about thanks to a playable demo in which it will be possible to carry out experiments included in the graphics adventure project.

The MEDIAPRO Group, the European leader in the creation of content, has already been involved in Virtual Reality projects through its museum exhibition division, experience which it is now drawing on for the development of video-games.

100 Balas, an audiovisual production company behind games such as “Chiringuito de Pepe”, “Olmos y Robles” and more recently “eSports Generation”, is trying its hand in the science education sector for the first time, with the development of the original idea from its content director, Flipy, with the objective of fostering curiosity about different scientific disciplines through experimentation.

Sony Interactive Entertainment España, via its PlayStation® Talents programme, continues to demonstrate its support for the development of Spanish videogames and highlights the company’s interest in games which explore the possibilities that VR technology offers.

27th June 2017

Gamergy set to hosts it most ambitious event ever with more than 24,000 m2 devoted to e-sports
LVP together with Ifema are organising the biggest ever Gamergy event featuring the finals of the Call of Duty and League of Legends Orange Super-League

The Madrid exhibition centre is playing host to the 7th edition of the biggest e-sports event in Spain, organised by the Professional Video-game League (LVP), part of the MEDIAPRO Group, together with IFEMA. This year, Gamergy is occupying more than 24,000 m2 of space, 50% more than the 2016 edition as well as hosting more competitions than ever before.

Three online TV channels, 39 cameras, 20 different competitions, more than 650 game stations and a team of 260 professional are just some of the numbers highlighting the upgrades for this latest edition which is expected to see 30,000 visitors.

Garmergy will play host to the finals of the main professional leagues organised by the LVP, as well as the amateur tournaments played out online over the last few months and which culminate in Madrid. One of the main attractions for visitors will be the stage which hosts the Orange Super-league finals of League of Legends and Call of Duty. The League of Legends season reaches its climax in Madrid on the 25th June, four months after the start of the season. The Spanish Call of Duty champion will be crowned on the 24th June. More than 4,000 people will be able to follow the competition live.

The big video-game party will also be a stand-out event for the amateur events which started out online and will see all the champions come together at Gamergy for the grand finale, competitions include: Orange Cups Clash Royale, Call of Duty, League of Legends and Rocket League.

The current edition is set to feature the biggest ever prize: 150,000 euros in prize money. The Gamergy Master grand finale, an international Clash Royale tournament on Sunday with a 14,000-euro prize-fund. The winners of the PlayStation Plus Challenge, which will see the winners of the tournaments played at Gamergy with the winners of the online tournament winners over the last few months with 9,000 euros up for grabs.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), having taking a break from pro competitions will be back at the LVP event. Professional teams will be battling it out in the ROG Masters Open Qualifier Spain for a spot in the international ROG Masters tournament. In addition, other classic competitions will also be present such as Gran Open, Reta al Pro and Level Up, sharing the new Nintendo Switch area as well as other areas devoted to professional clubs (Fan Zone).

Gamergy will also feature the LVP shop as well as a whole host of other activities. Innovations this time round include “La Isla” which will bring the beach to the Madrid Exhibition Centre. Gely is also organising a leisure area which features a beach volleyball court, outdoor activities related to video-games, a LOS40 stage which will see a host of high-profile DJ’s as well as a street food area.

27th June 2017

wTVision opens new HQ in Lisbon
The company launches a strategy upgrade as well as a new website

wTVision has recently opened new facilities in Lisbon which are set to be key to the company’s growth strategy in the coming years, improving its technical and training capacity, a new, inspiring works pace designed to facilitate innovation and growth. In addition to optimising the infra-structure, the new offices are set to provide further opportunities for future synergies and a host of new business possibilities.

The new offices, opened on the 29th May, are located at Lispolis, the tech’ hub in the Portuguese capital, completely redesigned for wTVision and taking up 2,500 square metres, the facilities feature four floors (one of them underground) and include a wide range of new and modern equipment, namely a distribution centre for TV channels, a showroom and an auditorium. There is also a training room, a production room, a warehouse, meeting rooms and several lounge areas …

The new facilities also see an upgraded website, www.wtvision.com, which provides information about all the services offered by this innovative company which was founded in Lisbon, in 2001, and has quickly become one of the main real-time graphics and playout automation players in the broadcasting industry worldwide. wTVision has offices in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, India, Brazil, Bolivia and United States.

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