The MEDIAPRO Group’s environmental and energy management policy

The Mediapro Group occupies a leader position in providing technical services for the audiovisual industry, and is the producer and distributor of audiovisual contents, manager and distributor of sports events, cinematographic and interactive contents producer, and provider of postproduction services. Technical engineering, transmission services, marketing and communications consulting, and the marketing of advertising, as well as the design and production of thematic channels also form a fundamental part of the Mediapro Group’s activities.

In accordance with the Group’s principles of sustainability, the present Policy sets down commitments concerning environmental and energy management:

  • On-going improvement in environmental and energy undertakings.
  • Compliance with the legal requirements on environmental matters and those related to energy consumption and use.
  • Ensuring the availability of information related to environmental management and energy efficiency.
  • Providing the necessary resources for achieving targets and goals in the field of environmental and energy management.
  • Supporting the acquisition of energetically efficient products and services, and design for improving energy undertakings.

In order to achieve these, some companies in the Mediapro Group have already designed and implemented an Environmental and Energy Management System based on international standards, which promotes and is aimed at the environmental improvement and energy efficiency of their processes.

The Environmental and Energy Management System allows for the establishment of the following principles:

  • To take account of the best technologies that are available, economically viable and efficient for protecting the environment and for energy efficiency, and it is progressively incorporating them into its processes for service provision in facilities and places of work.
  • To guarantee, together with its providers and collaborating companies, an on-going and systematic improvement in the environmental management and energy efficiency of its activities in its places of work.
  • To train and motivate the Group’s entire staff so that they can take responsibility for and comply with the requirements of the Environmental and Energy Management Policy.
  • As a reference framework for the setting of targets on environmental and energy improvement, the present Environmental and Energy Management Policy will be revised periodically by the Management and will be updated whenever this is considered necessary.

Consequently, the Mediapro Group places this Environmental and Energy Management Policy at the disposal of all personnel working in it, its clients and public opinion, as a demonstration of the commitments stated here.

For any information or suggestions in this regard, the Mediapro Group has provided the following email address: sustainability@mediapro.es


Approval date: 07/01/2015 - Editing date: 23/12/2016 v.3

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